An entity with structural elements of patch, mosaic and corridor, reflecting a mix ... a landscape mosaic consisting of patches (of e.g. habitat) arranged in a matrix.... Patch-Corridor-Matrix model: The extent, shape, and configuration of landscape ... Landscape continuum model: Rather than solely patches and corridors,.... Mosaic: a pattern of patches, corridors and matrix, each composed of smaller, similar, aggregated ob- jects; the pattern created by the juxtaposition of these.. Land Mosaics. (Corel), The landscape is a mosaic of patches and corridors within a matrix of a dominant landscape type. The mosaic has.... by RTT Forman 1981 Cited by 1180 of patches in a matrix. Patches differ fundamentally in origin and dynamics, while size, shape, and spatial configuration are also important. Line corridors, strip.... by M Betts Cited by 20 The "patch-corridor-matrix" model (Forman 1998) has become a central component of landscape ecology in theory, and in practice. All landscapes are.... Corridors and Connectivity ... Relationships between number and size of patches and biodiversity Matrix ... Of these, a matrix is the most extensive and most.. In corridor modeling, patches are useful as start and end points for corridors, as steppingstones in the matrix, and as descriptors to evaluate utility of a linkage.... Cultural landscapes of Germany are patch-corridor-matrix mosaics for an ... Answers from a spatio-temporal model integrating multiscale monitoring data. d9ca4589f4










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