Jul 5, 2019 Operation Lava Jato: clean cars, dirty money 24. ... If the name Grtel doesn't sound very Spanish to you, that's no coincidence: it's the German.... May 10, 2018 Hotel names gone wrong. From unfortunate translations to unusual place names, these hotels are noteworthy not because of their award-winning.... Say What: Five Lakes With Funny Names. 4. by Daniel Kelly; February 28, 2014. Prettyboy Reservoir. One of three reservoirs that provides Baltimore with.... Jan 7, 2015 Some of these quips are so dirty we're kinda surprised the censors didn't send 'em the way of Joey's shower curtain when Rachel moved in.. Feb 6, 2017 From Hoptimus Prime to Hauling Oats, here are 23 of our favorite funny beer names.. Aug 30, 2019 The name makes the band, as they say; here are 25 bands that almost didn't get ... he'd designed in art class at school for a fake band called "Deaf Leopard. ... the certainly not generic, if totally ridiculous, name Wicked Lester.. May 9, 2019 And last, but by no means least, the dirty, offensive, and rude pirate boat name ideas that you might want to think twice about using especially if.... Jul 31, 2015 The name really says it all. funny instagrams. Courtesy of Vegar Landsverk / @funnywhenitswrong.. Jun 7, 2019 Need a laugh? Then you will want to read our list of funny names for vagina. Because vaginas can be funny. Click here to read more.. Oct 22, 2014 ... guy called me Tina. Not because he didn't know my name (we were dating) but in the Napolean Dynamite 'Tina, ... The Funniest Dirty-Talk Fails We've Heard ... I love manners, so I can't pretend to hate this one! What's the.... Mar 28, 2020 Here's our list of the top dirty golf team names suitable for any golf team ... If you are looking for team names that are still funny but less rude,.... Jul 25, 2018 If so, some plant names come across as quite funny. ... Linnaeus himself, the father of taxonomy, dirty old man that he was, chose the name.. May 31, 2019 Their name is apparently an imitation of their alarm call. 15. Dreamhole. A dreamhole is a small slit or opening made in the wall of a building to let... 31ebe8ef48

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